Typical prices


Electrical Installation Condition Reports or EICR's \ Safety Certificates

EIC Reports start off at £100 for upto 10 circuits. ( the number of circuits means the amount of fuses or minature circuit breakers being used ).


Consumer unit upgrades

When changing consumer units the earth bonding to water and gas services must be sufficiently in place. This means there should be an unbroken earth wire from the source ( consumer unit ) to both the gas meter and water stop tap.

Some exsisting installations do not carry earth wires in lighting circuits for instance. This is fine as long as all fixtures and fittings on those circuits are Class 2 items.

Prior to fitting a replacement consumer unit all circuits will be tested for insulation resistance which must pass the minimum values so as to be re-energised.

All circuits will be tested and recorded and must pass before work is complete.

A standard metal dual RCD unit with 6 MCB's would start at £320.

Following this an Electrical Installation Certificate will be issued along with a Part P certificate.



When carrying out rewires there are a few things to know in order to issue a quote. An estimate for a 3 bedroom property would be £2,500. This is based on a standard layout along with plastic switches, lights and sockets. The qustions I would be asking are -:

1. Is the property occupied or unoccupied?

2. Is the property decorated with finished walls and floors?

3. Are there concrete floors downstairs?

4. Is the customer wanting downlights and if so how many?

5. Are chrome switches, sockets required?

6. In the kitchen will there be an electric / gas hob, double or single oven?

7. Is there an electric shower?

8. Would the customer want me to fill any chases or will they organise a plasterer?

Once these are determined, an accurate quote will be issued.


Changing switches, socket fronts and lighting

Another job people like doing are the changing from plastic to metal switches and sockets.

Lights vary from simple pendants to large chandeliers. A survey would be required first to provide a quote. Before metal fixtures or fittings are fitted, I would first check for earth wires in the circuits. If there are no earth wires then in the event of a live wire touching the front metal plate, the circuit would not trip and the plate would become live. Only if an earth reading can be found would it be safe to change them.

There are many jobs including loft conversions, extra circuits, new kitchens, extra sockets, extra lights, outside power where a site visit would be required in order to provide a quote.



Another popular choice is the addition of downlights to kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, in fact any room. Switching to LEDs is also very popular and cost effective. When changing from a 50 watt halgen to a 5 watt LED bulb, the running costs are slashed 90%. Also LEDs do not operate at the sorts of temperatures of halogens which make them safer. LEDs come in various colours. Downlights also come in all sorts of styles and finishes to suit the customer.